Marketing via Social Media

On March 17 the Ontario Real Estate Association supplied the world with the following information via Twitter (the information and a copy of their tweet can be found at the bottom of this post).
There’s a lot here to digest collected from a number of sources, so I thought I would break down what I see as the most important take-aways:

–       Every social media network is different, and is used by different people in different ways at different times.

–       It is possible to achieve social media marketing success by first understanding when your followers are most likely to see the content you share.

–       The messages and content you are sharing should be tailored to the social media network upon which you are posting.

–       Certain types of posts are more likely to engage with your audience than others, depending on which network you are active on, or want to be active on.

In summary, your social media marketing efforts should be carefully planned, just like any other marketing effort you may undertake.

If you’re interested in discussing more about what this means or how I can help maximise the potential of social media to market your real estate listings, please connect with me. I’d love to sit down with you!