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Pricing effective November 1, 2022

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The pricing posted on this page applies only to usage for real estate listings. All other uses require a quote prior to booking. Examples of other uses may include: photos for rental purposes, iGUIDE for commercial or rental purposes, commercial photography options, etc.

Additional fees for occupied properties:
An additional $50 fee applies if home sellers are present during the scheduled photography appointment time.
An additional $100 fee applies if tenants are present during the scheduled photography appointment time.
These additional fees apply because when people are present during our appointments it is just not possible to be as efficient as if people were away. In order to maintain our low fees during a time of rapidly rising inflation, we need to maintain an efficient schedule.
It is our experience that home sellers are typically motivated to help us do the best job possible in order to provide the best presentation of their home. We have found that it is generally easy for our Realtor clients to ensure their Sellers will be prepared on time and that the homes present well.
However, we have found that unfortunately, Tenants are typically not motivated to ensure their rental dwellings are presented as well as owner-occupied homes. In addition, we have found that communication between the owners of tenant-occupied properties and their tenants does not prepare the tenants for us to be working in their homes. They do not completely understand what we are doing and the full scope of why we are there. When the tenants are absent for the duration of our appointment we are able to complete our job as quickly as possible, which returns them to their homes as soon as possible.
We appreciate your understanding in these matters.

What happens when you schedule a package (ex. iGuide + aerial) and the weather will not permit the aerial portion, which then requires a second trip to the listing to complete the package?
We are able to offer a package discount on the assumption that all items can be completed in one appointment. If there is a reason beyond our control that results in the package requiring two trips to site to complete, we are no longer able to offer the package discount and the standard fee for each portion of the package, plus any applicable repeat travel, will apply.

Important Policy Highlights (to see the full Terms and Conditions document, click HERE)

It is our goal 100% of the time to provide a consistent and reliable high-quality service to each and every client that we serve. In order to best meet the needs of our clients we have a division of responsibility that we would like to draw your attention to.

The photographer’s responsibility is to deliver high quality visuals and property documentation as the property has been prepared at the scheduled time of the appointment commencing.

It is the responsibility of the realtor/client/owner to have the subject property completely prepared for photography by the beginning of the scheduled appointment time. This includes but is not limited to the following:
1) Safe access to all rooms and spaces within the entire property (closets, hallways, garages, storage rooms, utility rooms, crawl spaces, etc.) Your home/listing is our work environment and we require safe access to everywhere to complete our work in a safe and efficient manner. The appointment will be cancelled with full cancellation fees applicable if the work environment is not deemed safe by the on-site photographer.
2) Cleaning/Staging: Photographers are not able to provide cleaning and staging services. If the property is not prepared at the time of the appointment, the appointment may have to be cancelled or rescheduled and subject to the applicable cancellation or rescheduling fees.
3) All items that you do not wish to be photographed are either removed from the property or safely stored away and out of sight. Please do not plan to move items from room to room during the appointment. Our experience is that this results in a less efficient and lower quality service for you.
4) All lights functioning and on, fans turned off.
5) All vehicles removed from driveway/parking area.

Appointments cancelled greater than 24 hours in advance of the appointment time: no cancellation fee
Appointments cancelled in the 12-24 hour period prior to the scheduled start time will be subject to a 50% fee
Appointments cancelled upon arrival will be subject to a fee equal to 100% of the scheduled work

Unless otherwise specifically indicated in writing, copyright of the works supplied to you remain the property of the photographer. Your license to the supplied materials includes usage in any way related to your marketing of the subject property, and the ongoing marketing of your business. Your license DOES NOT include the rights to transfer the materials to others. This includes, but is not limited to: 1) transfer to another individual realtor for their marketing of the property 2) transfer to a buyer for their marketing of the property 3) any other usage that may have a commercial connection (ie used for marketing or sales)