Property Release Form for UAV Operations

    I give Fine Homes Photography permission to fly a UAV/RPA (drone) at the following address on the agreed upon date and time for the purposes of capturing aerial imagery:


    Last minute cancellations by Fine Homes Photography due to unacceptable or unsafe flight conditions are possible. In the event of cancellation due to unacceptable conditions, the appointment will be rescheduled.

    Flight conditions that cause cancellation may include:

    • Any precipitation (rain, snow)

Fog (unable to maintain line of sight with UAV)

High wind speed
Temperatures below -10C or above +40C

    • Meteorological events (ex. lightning, thunder)

Proximity to busy roadway

    • Unsafe conditions as assessed by pilot on site (ex. ground risks, people, crowds, proximity to nearby structures or events)

    Copyright to all imagery created by Fine Homes Photography shall be retained by Fine Homes Photography. Any media provided by this service shall not be used for any purposes other than that to which was originally agreed by the original parties.

    I agree that I am the owner/agent of the property in question and I have authority to grant permission to Fine Homes Photography to perform the services as agreed. By completing this form I agree that I, alone, shall be responsible for any damages that may arise as a result of completing these services that may be related to any breaches of privacy or property rights and I shall save Fine Homes Photography harmless from any such claims.

    I grant permission to Fine Homes Photography to retain rights to use any images for promotional purposes.

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