Real Estate Marketing – Showcasing mirrors and what they see effectively

It may not seem obvious without a comparison photo, but properly lighting a mirror, or more accurately: what you can see in a mirror, is one of the little details that really completes the photo of a stunning room. Take the following two photos, which have only one final detail that makes them different.

In the second example, I placed a light in the space that the mirror sees. Not a big deal, but in the first photo the mirror is dark, resulting in an empty space in the photo. Since the mirror is reflecting back into the entry space of this home I felt it was important to show viewers that it is actually a bright area too, just like this dining room.

I always try to help viewers of my images see how spaces are connected to each other. In my opinion this is an important aspect of real estate marketing and I think it goes a long way in helping sellers attract the right buyers for their homes.

Do you think this little extra bit helps the final image? You can see the rest of the photos of this spectacular space by following this link.